Insurance FAQs

Q: What does unidentified trailer coverage insurance cover?
A: A driver may need this type of insurance if you have a trailer attached to your tractor that is not owned or long-term leased you.

Q: Can I purchase a policy that will protect my personal items in my truck?
A: Many insurance policies include an option that covers personal items through physical damage coverage.

Q: What is the difference between pro-rate and short-rate?
A: If your policy is pro-rated, it means you only pay for the days you are actually insured. When your insurance company charges you for the days insured plus percentage for early cancellation, this is considered short-rate.

Q: What kind of coverage do I need if I am a lienholder?
A: Lienholders require physical damage insurance which protects their interest in case there is a trucking accident.

Q: What are some of the issues with a Motor Truck Cargo policy?
A: Every Motor Truck Cargo policy is different but some of them exclude or only partially cover certain merchandise such as electronic equipment or clothing. Some of these policies may exclude coverage completely if the truck is left loaded and unattended. Before you purchase a Motor Truck Cargo policy, talk to the professionals at California Trucking Insurance about the provisions in your policy.

Q: Is bobtail insurance the same as non-trucking liability insurance?
A: Although they are often used interchangeably, bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability insurance are different. Leased operators generally need non-trucking insurance but many people still refer to this type of coverage as bobtail insurance.

Q: Do I need occupational accident insurance?
A: Occupational accident insurance can be truly beneficial if you have a work-related accident or illness, especially if you don’t have health care coverage. 

Q: Should I package my truck payment with insurance? It sounds so easy.
A: You can, but it will probably be more expensive; definitely give us a call or an email for a quote before getting trucking insurance from a truck dealer. We’re the trucking insurance experts, and can almost assuredly get you a better price.

Q: What’s the difference between primary liability and non-trucking liability?
A: Non-trucking liability insurance is generally used by owner/operators who are leased onto a motor carrier. When you are dispatched for the motor carrier, their primary liability trucking insurance will cover you. However, if you are your own trucking company with your own customers or if you have your own authority, you will need to get your own primary liability trucking insurance.

Q: What type of trucking insurance coverage do I need to repair damages that result from an accident?
A: Physical damage insurance protects truck drivers in the event of an accident. This type of insurance is also called collision insurance.

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